Incredibly Easy Steps to Great Bedtime Stories for Kids

Five Inspiring Ideas to Help You Create Bedtime Stories

Kids’ bedtime stories are often understated. Most people think that children’s books are easy to make because they cater to a younger audience, however, these books are actually difficult to produce than they look.


A children’s book must enchant, thrill, or delight the children, or they will abandon it. As a writer, it is your job to keep things interesting. See to it that something new happens on every flip of the page.

Children’s books are published in full color to make sure they have lively, engaging, and colorful visuals to hook the children right from the start.


If you are an aspiring author who is thinking of writing a bedtime story for children, go for it! Here are the building blocks for a thought-provoking story that will keep children saying “one more time!”

 Create a fun and interesting hero

Your main character may be anything from ordinary to extraordinary. Kids love fairies, cars, animals, and heroes with supernatural powers, so you may take it from there. It is best if your hero has one attribute that makes him or her stand out from others.

  • Edward, the red-haired kid
  • Spotty, the talking dog
  • Twinkle, the adventurous fairy
  • Jupiter, the clumsy astronaut

Some bedtime stories aim to inspire. You may create a character that has special needs in order to raise awareness from your audience. There are published online bedtime stories that feature protagonists with disabilities.

  • Understanding Sam and Asperger Syndrome
  • The Deaf Musicians
  • Featherless
  • Looking after Louis


Choose a cool setting

Think of a setting that children can relate to, or look back on your own childhood and remember the places that you have been dreaming to visit.

  • The school playground
  • The king’s palace
  • A secret attic
  • The woods, or
  • The land where snow never stops falling


Select a time

The time of your story is critical, especially if your setting adds to the story’s over-all plot or flow.

  • Long ago, when animals are still able to talk
  • The reign of King Leonard, the grumpy king
  • One snowy Christmas eve
  • Way off in the future


Share a moral lesson

Classic bedtime stories for kids teach moral lessons. While it’s true that kids repel from preachy books, it is still important for stories to emphasize valuable principles. For example, a story about girl who lost her friends because of not sharing her toys can teach the importance of generosity.

Remember to keep the appearance of adult characters to minimal. Allow the main character to solve the problem on his accord.

Create a happy ending

Maybe the story ends with the problem solved. Or possibly something humorous and unexpected happened.

  • The protagonist was able to rescue the cat and gets to keep it.
  • The hero promises Grandma to never again get inside the wardrobe or he will be transported back to the cold, snowy land.
  • The feared, fiery dragon is exiled to its lair in an African jungle for the next 100 years.


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