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For Book Lovers, Here Are Famous Neil Gaiman Quotes to Motivate You
Neil Gaiman, also referred to as “the most famous writer you’ve never heard of,” awakens the heart of the masses with his inspirational quotes. He taught us the art of love, the battle of life, the trickery of failure, and the scar of solitude.     Neil Gaiman’s quotes turn the read more... continue reading
Writing Inspiration: Eight French Nobel Laureates in Literature
How did a Swedish man and his name become attached to the highest achievements of mankind? Alfred Nobel was a Swedish inventor, entrepreneur and philanthropist whose claim to infamy was profiting off of his creation of dynamite. False news of his death led a French newspaper to publish an obituary meant read more... continue reading
Uninvited: A Book Review

Rejection is normal, and it is human to feel bad about not being accepted by some people. The truth is, you can never please everyone, and that is why trying too hard will only become counterproductive. What you can do instead is try your best to be good and kindhearted—especially to yourself.

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Inspirational Story of Nick Vujicic to Warmly Move You

The life of Nick Vujicic is a heart-warming story worth sharing. He was naturally born deprived of arms and legs. It’s unfortunate and, can be most of the time, very depressing. Yet life without limbs, for him, is not a symbol of defeat, but a triumph of life that is destined to limitless possibilities.

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Interview with Helen Ann Licht

Worrying if I was telling too many secrets Leaving out so much.

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Interview with subramanian k v

Writing is an arduous task even when one has all ideas clear in the read more

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Interview with Christian Walker

Write the book, start marketing (letting people know of it) before you finish.

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Interview with Sue Ellen Kolman

Believe in yourself and know that you are enough.

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