For Book Lovers, Here Are Famous Neil Gaiman Quotes to Motivate You

Neil Gaiman, also referred to as “the most famous writer you’ve never heard of,” awakens the heart of the masses with his inspirational quotes. He taught us the art of love, the battle of life, the trickery of failure, and the scar of solitude.


neil gaiman quotes


Neil Gaiman’s quotes turn the words into wonders. Let’s explore the beauty of words in Neil Gaiman quotes listed below:


neil gaimanOne of the best quotes of Neil Gaiman that showed how love intoxicate your heart that may leave you with nothing but vulnerability. Love hurts, it gives you scars, it will fool you over again—you’ll fall for it the same way as before your heart breaks. Love teaches you that it always comes with pain.


Neil Gaiman Quotes  One of his famous quotes in the comics, The Sandman, tells us that sometimes taking risks is not good because of the consequences it comes with. But it’s much worse if you won’t try to defeat the stumbling blocks in your way since there is no harm in trying. But does failure make you a better version of yourself? Or does it make the worst in you?


quotes by neil gaimanFear is one of the greatest weaknesses because we are afraid of the consequences it may take us. You are tempted to mask the horror—the fear that hunts you to your sleep.

You are afraid of the idea that your fear will become your downfall that it will turn out to be real, and you cannot handle the aftermath of destruction.


neil gaiman quotesHere is an inspiring quote of Neil Gaiman that makes you realize about the real look of life without unicorns and whatnot. It is not all about happy endings nor beautiful things, but in life, you should deal with the ugly sceneries and the sad truths of disappointments to reveal the beauty of the world. You can never appreciate life’s worth without facing and surviving the stumbling blocks it brings. This quote teaches you to see the other face of the world that shows its dark side.


This quote of Neil Gaiman awakens your wild side. It tells you that in life, there are thousands of failures, hundreds of wrong decisions, and countless stupid mistakes. But if given a chance to undo all of them, you would rather not, because somehow these things made you who you are right now. Not perfect but the better version of yourself.

neil gaiman quote

Life may pull you down, but with the help of Neil Gaiman and his quotes you will rise again, face the battle of life and start your journey toward the end of the road. The words of Neil Gaiman awakens the fire in you; it makes you stronger and bolder in facing life’s obstacles.


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