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Top Male Contemporary Writers to Inspire You
Quick Guide of Modern Fiction Writers and Their Literary Merits At some point in life, there is a person who enables one to travel from one reality to another. Unsurprisingly, that person could be his favorite author. Most people have enjoyed reading a number of works of a certain author without read more... continue reading
How the Webster’s Dictionary Came To Be: The Story of Noah Webster
Noah Webster

The earliest American author and the first person to distinguish the fine line between American English and British English, Noah Webster sought change and taught millions of Americans to read and spell.

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Writing an Autobiography: Tips on How to Start

Autobiographies are interesting mementos that every author or starting writer can leave on for the next generation. You may have an interesting story to share or you might want to inspire your readers.

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On Abraham Lincoln Biography: His Impact and Legacy

Abraham Lincoln is one of the most prominent figures in history, famous for his stance against slavery, where he served as the staunchest figures for its abolition. He is regarded as one of America’s greatest heroes and one of the greatest presidents who ever lived.

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Interview with Katharine Wibell

Be very, very patient. The entire process is simply that, a process.

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