Book Marketing Tools that Solve Authors’ Dilemma on How to Market a Book

Easy Book Marketing Plan that Authors Should Know How to Use

Becoming a best-selling author is long and arduous only if you don’t have a strategy. For the past few decades, traditional publishing has always held the key for the public to learn about best-selling novels. In this day and age, self-publishing has grown to become a premium tactic to author success. Because in order to sell your book, you need to utilize a tool the new generation cannot function without.

The rise of social media marketing tools has now become a thing of genius. A book marketing tool with a solid book marketing plan is proven for steady publishing success. Helping you to reach your goals, here’s a checklist of how to market your book as a self-published author, with the help of internet marketing tools.


It’s about impeccable word usage

Your bread and butter should never be out of the picture—be appetizing all throughout. And by appetizing, you should know how to choose the right words when writing for book promotion:

  • Be straightforward, never winding
  • Be persuasive without offering a sales pitch
  • Give your target market the benefits, but don’t be pushy
  • Create powerful hooks, but don’t come off too strong


Infographics, the ultimate print ad

Digital marketing tools have become so widely-used and constantly evolving. Everyone loves a good and humorous ad. Get help from a professional graphic artist to suit your desires for the marketing process.

  • Be catchy and creative with words and imagery
  • Give good color combinations
  • Use one or two sentences; the visuals will win the appeal
  • Be brave with font style that fits the theme


Video trailers that preview the good in store

There are endless free marketing tools online. With royalty-free video sites, as well as free video hosting sites that global internet users log onto daily, there’s no telling how many hits you could get. Remember to do the following when uploading your book’s video trailer:

  • Leave the viewer eager for more by making pulling slides of good content, audio, and video materials
  • Allow the reader to evoke strong emotions or relatable feelings
  • Leave a strong impression
  • Do not give away all the goods in the video, just enough to tease
  • Pick the right track and video direction to fit the mood of the book


Social media’s pure benefits

Social media as a marketing tool is seamless and proven to get readers ogling towards products and people fast. From Facebook to Twitter, these are where many self-publishing authors gain a big majority of fans. Social media’s internet marketing tools are simply undeniable in this decade and moving forward.

  • Share links and trailers on your page
  • Create posts about your book’s theme to draw interest
  • Provide fun and educational facts or tips
  • Post updates daily
  • Ask fans to spread the word
  • Create hooking hashtags
  • Use the right keywords


A daily blog

Book marketing services can be easily done by your self-publishing company. However, you need to take a part in creating book marketing ideas too. As a way to personalize your product and persona with your fans, do blogging. The website can be taken care of by your publishing company, but with book promotion ideas, blogging becomes a perfect avenue.

  • Just blog. Whether daily or weekly, write about your characters, the hidden themes, or just entirely new ideas. Be a source of entertainment and education.
  • Upload the good stuff: book covers, teaser trailers, podcasts, even a contest to gain free merchandise.
  • Communicate to readers by hosting chats or answering in the comment sections.


The press knows best

Although nearly anything can be performed online, you also need to get a particular long-running professional—the press—to endorse you. In fact, it’s less pricey to take it to the press versus paying for advertising. Getting the instant media coverage you need may not easy, so here are some helpful tips:

  • Keep sending your press release. You might get a dozen ignored messages, but do not give up. Stand out with something fresh.
  • Present yourself and your work as someone original.
  • Online book marketing tools like Help a Reporter (HARO) can connect you to journalists who are looking for great stories. So post your PR there and remember to make it memorable. Because once you catch a journalist’s eye, they’ll chase after you and you’ll get the media coverage you’ve long wanted.

Kindle Direct Publishing—a gateway

E-books have become a sensation because they’re cheaper and more convenient to carry. One way of leaving an unforgettable footprint in the lit world is by turning to a global business mogul such as Amazon. With Amazon’s Kindle marketing services, you’ll receive amazing benefits such as:

  • Free publishing
  • Royalties
  • Promotional, fully-tailored publishing packages
  • Digital version of the book
  • KDP Select


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