Interview with Arvil Jones

Author of Poems of Inspiration

Poems of Inspiration


Where are you from originally and where do you reside now?

I was born and raised in Southeastern Kentucky, the closest town being the small town of Barbourbille, KY, about eight miles from the place I was born.

If you currently reside somewhere besides where you were born, what’s the        story that lead from there to here?

I left Kentucky and moved to Ohio in 1984, simply because there were no jobs available in the depressed area where I lived. After struggling financially for twelve years, I  decided to come to Ohio.

What made you decide to write and publish your first book?

My first book was written for the purpose of helping a Pastor in the Philippine Islands to build a church. I wrote the book – only ten short chapters, and gave all the proceeds to a missionary, who forwarded the money to the Filipino pastor.

How would you describe your books to first time readers?

The genre of my books range from novels, poetry, theology, and religion and politics.

Pastors, artists of every genre, children, parents, and the general public.

What unexpected or surprising thing did you learn during the process of writing and publishing?

The greatest surprise to me was that folks actually liked what I wrote.

If you could, what advice would you give to past self yourself before embarking on this journey?

My advice to anyone who wants to write a book is to write that first line, no matter how it looks to you, then go back and edit later. Take that first step.

How many people would you ideally like to reach with your books?

I would love to reach as many folks as possible with my writing.

What has been the biggest challenge and frustration during the process to date?

The biggest challenge has been finding enough time to juggle my writing with everything else in my life.

What’s your biggest strengths when it comes to book a) writing, b) publishing and c) marketing?

My greatest strengths are determination, and really believing in what I am writing and publishing.

What’s your biggest weakness when it comes to book a) writing, b) publishing and c) marketing?   

My biggest weakness is simply the lack of time to write as much as I’d love to.

When do you think you will you write your next book?

I am actually in the process of writing another book (series of books) now.



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