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Why Knowing the History of Children’s Literature Benefits You
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It is quite hard to imagine growing up without books to read. Yes, children stories and native folklores have been around since humans first learned how to speak.

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A Comprehensive Book Review on Giraffes Can’t Dance

Giraffes Can’t Dance is a fiction book about Gerald, a giraffe who cannot dance very well. Gerald has four left feet, with knees always buckling and with legs too spindly for dancing.

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Incredibly Easy Steps to Great Bedtime Stories for Kids

Kids’ bedtime stories are often understated. Most people think that children’s books are easy to make because they cater to a younger audience, however, these books are actually difficult to produce than they look.

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Children’s Literature Awards You Probably Don’t Know

The splendor of a kid’s book lies on its magic to awaken a child’s imagination. With timeless tales of colorful narratives, authors and illustrators of children’s book are until now given recognition and honor. Here’s a list of children’s literature awards you may need to know before you pick the book to read to your kids.

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Worrying if I was telling too many secrets Leaving out so much.

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Write the book, start marketing (letting people know of it) before you finish.

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Believe in yourself and know that you are enough.

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