Learn more about literary fiction and its genres, including the basics and techniques of the writing process to help you get started with writing your own fiction story.

Effective Recipe for Creative Fiction Plot Ideas

Every writer has hit a wall in their writing career once, twice, or several times. It’s completely understandable. When the creative mind is uninspired, plot ideas for new stories are nearly impossible to produce. Sometimes, rest and relaxation will suffice. Other times, drastic measures must be taken.

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On Improbable Possibilities: The Origin of Science Fiction Story

Readers around the world will always adore the unimaginable yet extraordinary mind-bending books—science fiction. This kind of literary genre has become increasingly popular in novels, movies, and even video games. With imaginative concepts including space, robots, and time travel, it has opened up a world where science merges with imagination and probability.

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Awesome Fiction Stories You Wish Were Real

Did you ever want the One Ring to rule over the Middle-earth? Or do you ever imagine yourself at the tea-party with the Mad Hatter and White Rabbit in Wonderland? Have you been expecting your muggle parents to tell you, “You’re a wizard”? Lo! Such a series of daydream we still long to come to life. If only we could summon a portal to the fantasy universe, we would sacrifice our bloods and bones.

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Infographic: Start Your Creative Fiction
We all love fiction. The chance to widen our imagination and think beyond what we already know allow us to take part in another realm full of different possibilities. With this, more and more aspiring authors and young writers create their own fiction masterpieces, because why not? Start thinking out of the box today—or read more... continue reading


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How to Quickly Break Through Writer’s Block

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How to Write a Biography

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